Respiratory Testing Information

  • 4M utilizes leading edge technology to offer high quality results to the modern healthcare professional.
  • Quick 1 day turn-around time.
  • Reduces unnecessary drug exposure
  • Easy to read reports
  • Urinary Tract Infection tests
  • Upper Respiratory Infection tests

Wound Testing Information

The 4M Healthcare Wound Panel uses the most advanced technology to accurately assess the true microbial diversity of wounds.  This technology detects multiple pathogens simultaneously to identify key bacteria responsible for chronic and non-healing skin and soft tissue infections.

  • Molecular PCR Testing that is fast, sensitive and provides an accurate diagnosis vs. culture
  • Actionable information to better manage antibiotic treatment
  • Detect bacteria in patients undergoing antibiotic treatment
  • Identify pathogens that are difficult or slow to culture
  • Rapid Results – 48 hours after sample arrival at lab